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Royal Marrakech
Finca Cortesin
Royal Dar Es Salam Red Course
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Alfonso XIII
Club Maritimo
Finca Cortesin
Hotel Inglaterra
La Mamounia
La Tour Hassan
Sofitel Diwan Rabat
Sofitel Marrakech


Region: Marrakech
Monuments: The Place Jemma el-Fna - The Souks - Gardens and monuments

Now Morocco’s third city, Marrakech in its heyday was its capital. Founded by the Almoravids, a band of warrior monks from the Sahara in the 1062, it was taken over in 1147 by the Almoads whose Sultan marked his victory by building the magnificent Koutoubia Mosque. Its minaret which still dominates the skyline of the city is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture which served as the model for the Giralda in Seville as well as the Tour Hassan mosque in Rabat.

Set at the base of the snow capped Atlas Mountains, this ochre city is surrounded by magnificent ramparts some 12 miles long, up to 6 feet thick and in some places 30 ft high. Within the walls, the rich history of Marrakech is reflected in its various quarters; the Kasbah, the Medina and the Jewish quarter, the Mellah, as well as some of modern Marrakech with its offices and apartments.

The centerpiece is The Place Jemma el-Fna, a UNESCO World heritage site, located in the shadow of the Koutoubia Mosque, a showcase of traditional Morocco. It serves as a massive market during the day, at night it transforms into a meeting place, with outdoor restaurants, entertainers, storytellers, snake charmers and just about every Arabian character you can imagine.

Outside the city walls, visit the Aquedal Gardens, laid out in the second half of the 12th century with its lakes and lemon, orange, apricot and olive orchards and La Palmeraie, a 46 acres grove, containing some 150,000 palms.