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Golf Courses

La Reserva
Royal Cabo Negro
San Roque New
Tangier Royal Golf Club


Smir and Tetouan

Barceló Marina Smir Thalasso Spa
Club Maritimo
El Minzah Hotel
Finca Cortesin


Region: Tangier

An ancient Phoenician town, founded by Carthaginian colonists in the early 5th century BC, Tangier is now enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. Tangerines were first exported from here, hence the name.

Steeped in history, under many rulers including the Romans during the 1st century BC, Portuguese 15th – 17th centuries, followed by the British who gave the city a garrison and a charter which made it equal to an English town. The British were ousted by The Sultan of Morocco in 1684 destroying the town and its port as they left.

The town declined under the Sultan but saw a renaissance in the early 19th century, when due to its geographic location it became a diplomatic centre, the US opening there first consulate there in 1821 which is still active today.

In 1912 the administration of Morocco was effectively split between Spain in the north and France in the south, Tangier became an international zone under the joint administration of France, Spain, Britain and Italy. As an international zone and free port, it turned into a time of intrigue and glamour, becoming the home of such writers as Tennessee Williams and Paul Bowles, as well as artists and celebrities. The bar at the MInzah Hotel, reminisce of Rick’s Bar in Casablanca, is said to have been where spies made there rendezvous and it is not difficult to imagine. US heiress Barbara Hutton had a home in the Kasbah, and Malcolm Forbes was a regular visitors.

These fascinating days are rapidly becoming to an end, although a renaissance as a tourist city is now underway. After several years of disentanglement from French and Spanish control, Tangier became integrated into Morocco control and sadly went into gradual decline. However, the new king of Morocco, unlike his father, has taken a great deal of interest in Tangiers sponsoring development plans for the area. Inhabitants of the Kasbah are now taking up apartments in the new suburbia, rapid development of its industrial areas is under way – Tangier industry is now second in importance to Casablanca, and a new container port is under construction along the coast which will allow the current port to become more of a tourist zone. 5 star hotels are under construction around the bay and other tourist related infra structures are being developed.



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